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OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 management system
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Hunan, Guangdong International Trust and Technology Co., is what the paper manufacturing pressboard insulation molded parts based joint-stock enterprises, the company over the years to the production and R & D transformers cardboard, insulation, and provide first-class products and services for the transformer industry, its products as the main material of oil-immersed transformer insulation system, to stabilize the outstanding quality performance, safe operation for many years of experience, has won recognition and trust of the majority of users. The company's operations in the country and exported to many countries, has formed an annual production capacity: 12,000 tons of high-density transformer cardboard / year, all kinds of insulation 1,000 sets / year.
Widely believed the company's quality management and control philosophy is based on market and customer-centric, to create value for customers. Has passed the ISO9001 \ OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 management system certification, the formation of a quality management system as the basis, Kanban visual management, 6S management, training, failed to control, manufacturing management standardization and other advanced technologies for the implementation of the pillars, covering the whole company All departments and staff, continuous improvement of modern management system.

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